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Which Is the Best Value Laser Measure for Everyday Use?

Looking for some exciting laser distance measuring gadget to help you complete your work? Well, in our point of view, BOSCH manufactures the most reliable measuring tools every year. They definitely give state of the art technology in their products and offer the best value laser measure to its customers.

BOSCH GLM400CL Blaze Outdoor Laser Measure is one of the most advanced laser distance measuring devices. It has many salient features which you must know of.

The Product Outline

BOSCH GLM400CL Blaze is made with advanced technology as it comes with a built-in camera with adjustable zoom. No matter if it is bright sunlight or midnight, the camera provides the ease to find the laser spot in all kinds of conditions.

The range of this Top Quality Laser Measure on The Market is up to the mark as it makes the user able to take wide range measurements with ease. The high-quality Bluetooth connectivity of the device is a plus as it helps in transferring all of your data without any loss to a compatible device.

Multiple Measuring

As this product is said to be an advanced laser measuring tool in the market, it would obviously have some captivating features, too. These features include the multiple measuring option provided by the BOSCH GLM400CL.

Which means that it offers 11 different measuring options including,

Real time length

Length and area


Indirect functions

Addition/subtraction capability

Friendly Interface

Another reliable feature which you might find a lot helpful in your work is the friendly interface of this device. Even if you don’t know the details and ways to use a tech device, this Best Laser Measure For Real Estate is something you can easily get your hands on.

Backlit Color Display

Another exciting and most demanding feature is the display of this BOSCH GLM400CL. It comes with a durable backlit display that reduces the glare from the sunlight and makes it easier for you to use. But sometimes, a problem has been seen in the display feature of this laser distance measurement device which makes it a bit problematic.

Accuracy & Range

As you might already know that the best laser measuring tool always comes with a top-of-the-line precision and accuracy. Therefore, there is no doubt in the measurements taken by this Bosch device, too. It comes with an accuracy of up to 1/16 inches which means it’s durable to take precise measurements during the work.


As there are always some imperfections in every product, some of them are also detected in this device,

Sometimes, it becomes a hindrance in taking long-distance measurements.

You might have to cover the device while using it in bright daylight to avoid the glare issues.

As the developers have not updated the Bluetooth application yet, so the app still crashes randomly.


High accuracy

Zoom Adjustable Camera

Multiple Measuring

Backlit Display

Lithium-ion Battery


Difficult to use in bright light

Problematic Long range measuring


The overall review of the BOSCH GLM400CL proves it to be one of the Best Laser Measuring Tools. If you buy this product, you neither have to compromise on the quality nor on the advanced features. Moreover, the compact design makes it easy to carry without any hurdle.

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