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Writing a Book: The Author and the Hero

1. love your hero.

Yes, after the "have no pity" clause sounds strange, but still. Love. The hero must survive and make it out of any situation, preferably - at least relatively intact. He must find incentives to live, to love, to believe and laugh, no matter what. The moody and indifferent cynics are good characters, but the hero must be alive and feeling. And loved, yes. And you, and the characters, and the readers.

Surround the hero with close (or not so close) people (or creatures) - family, friends, partners, fellow travelers. He shouldn't have to pull the strings of the narrative alone. You need someone nearby, especially in stressful moments, to lend a shoulder, a hand, or a hint.

In a situation of communication and solving joint issues, the hero changes just as much as in a situation of survival.

2. Don't associate yourself with the hero. Abstract away from him.

The hero is not you. He is a separate person, with his own temperament, worldview, and actions. Of course, there will be something of you in him. As with any character. Regardless of yourself, you will transfer your character traits, habits and actions to all participants in the story. It's not a bad help at the initial stage of work with the image. However, if the character is "born", abstract from him. Let him lead, decide, think and feel.

How do you know when a character is "born"? He comes to life when he "doesn't hold the line and gets in the way" (s.)

You think he needs to go to town for groceries, and he comes to the village and goes on a womanizing spree. Or suddenly falls in love with a forest witch, who was actually passing by and was needed for entourage.

In general, help with english homework when the thoughts, feelings and actions of the hero ceases to resonate with yours, that's it - he stood on his feet. And in this case it is very important not to break him, not to adjust him to you, but to let him act. Yes, it's difficult. It's very difficult. But it's necessary. Otherwise it will not come out alive and real.

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